JTC Guitar Lari Basilio Premium Solos 2 [TUTORIAL]

JTC Guitar Lari Basilio Premium Solos 2 [TUTORIAL]

Dig into the stylings of Lari Basilio as she shares her approach to musical storytelling across four incredible performances. Includes exclusive tab/notation, plus a study guide in English and Português.

In this sequel to Premium Solos, we lift four of Lari’s longer solos from her back catalogue of internet hits and give them the JTC treatment.

Complete with accurate transcriptions for the very first time, as well as exclusive backing tracks. This is your chance to get inside the inner workings of what makes a social media video fly.

Features “Bliss”, “New Chapter”, “Searching…” and “Further.”

What will I learn?
This release is an insight into how Lari’s infusion of melody, emotion and classic rock attitude.

Every technique or tweak in articulation gives a phrase a different feel, and Lari is the master of playing this game. As you work through each solo, you’ll understand exactly how she makes her phrases sing. From the exclamation marks offered by the whammy bar to the more subtle use of vibrato.

Learn to control your dynamics to open up new forms of expression and apply scales in a fresh musical context. Learn what makes Lari’s solos tick.

What theory is covered?

  • Aeolian
  • Pentatonic
  • Pedal tones
  • Drop D tuning
  • Using open strings

What techniques are covered?

  • Bending
  • Vibrato
  • Whammy bar
  • Pinch harmonics
  • Slides

Who is this for?
This is for fans of Lari Basilio. This is for fans of tone. This is for those who love to embrace melody and understand the importance of dynamic nuance. This is for players who want to make their solos do more.

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