JTC Guitar Lari Basilio Premium Solos [TUTORIAL]

JTC Guitar Lari Basilio Premium Solos [TUTORIAL]

Head backstage and discover the magic of Lari’s biggest social media hits. A six strong collection of never transcribed before solos that balance melody and shred. With additional PDF notes, this is a chance to discover what it takes to create a scroll-stopping solo.

Tap into the uplifting sensations and contrasting balancing acts of Lari’s most liked, shared and watched social hits.

Remove the time limit on social media with six solos from Instagram, Facebook and YouTube handpicked by Lari herself. Premium Solos is your 1st class ticket to see how she improvises and composes in a variety of settings, creating posts that demand attention.

“Building a solo is like telling a story, it has to have a beginning, middle and an end. It has to make sense to the listener.” – Lari Basilio

And with each solo comes that story. From the rocked up “Monolith” to the wonderfully raw, and aptly named, “Finger Picking Noodling” this release is packed with vital lessons in phrasing approach, technique and note choice.

You’ll encounter a range of dynamics and articulation, with bends, legato and Lari’s signature fingerpicking, there’s a treasure trove of technical challenges afoot. Armed with four backings spanning multiple genres and at times no backing at all, this collection represents a musical maelstrom, with Lari’s playing guiding you every step of the way.

This release includes six solos (video/audio), four backing tracks, a PDF study guide in English and Portuguese; and exclusive tab/notation in PDF and GP format.

In an age where everyone is looking to hack the algorithm, learn to nail the content. Lari Basilio shares some of her greatest social hits, to help you make your own.

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