Keeping Production Simple Advanced DnB Masterclass TUTORIAL

Keeping Production Simple Advanced DnB Masterclass TUTORIAL

Keeping Production Simple Advanced DnB Masterclass TUTORIAL

With many of the more technical genres being known for their complexity, newcomer to Producertech Creatures is aiming to help simplify the methodology involved by sharing his concise and relatively minimal approach to production. Although the techniques covered aren’t suitable for complete beginners, and some software and production knowledge is required to follow along, his clean and straightforward workflow offers an inspirational approach to making electronic music.

The course consists of three half an hour lessons, exploring the construction of beats, bass and FX, in order to create a meaty 48-bar drop. In the first session, he outlines his template project, highlighting several time-saving features with regards to track grouping and send effects, before putting together the drums. Samples are combined and edited, as well as processed with various effects, and a number of grooving, pulsing cymbal layers are applied for additional textures and energy.

The second lesson sees Creatures getting more into sound design, showing how a cool sub patch can be made from scratch and then used to underpin the beats. He then shows how distortion and reverb can be used to create the characteristic bass sound, splitting parts into different frequency bands so that parallel effects processing can be carried out. As an alternative suggestion to purely working in MIDI, he provides another method involving resampling and audio editing, which is an even easier but just as effective way of working, offering maximum control and great results.

Finally, there is a deep dive into FX layers, looking at how additional samples or existing sounds in the track can be used to add the necessary textural layers and tension management required for this kind of arrangement.

Enrolling on the course gives you immediate access to 90 mins of tutorials, along with the project from the lessons and a bonus pack of D&B samples from Loopmasters, so you’ll have a fresh set of inspiration and some extra materials to add to your library.


  • 1.5 hours of Streamed Tutorials
  • Ableton Live Project
  • 60MB Bonus Samples


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