Korneff Audio Echoleffe Tape Delay v1.0.3 [WIN]

Korneff Audio Echoleffe Tape Delay

Korneff Audio Echoleffe Tape Delay v1.0.3 [WIN]

It’s a tape delay, a tape saturator, and a tube preamp. But mostly, it sounds amazing and it’s really fun! It’s everything you’ve wanted in a tape delay plug-in, and more!

The Echoleffe Tape Delay is an audio plug-in for your DAW that gives you the sounds and spirit of a fabulous, all-tube tape delay from 1961. It adds effortless character and vintage mojo to your recordings and mixes. But it’s TONS more than just a tape delay.

Three different operational modes give you delay effects, tape saturation and a tube preamp. You have to hear this thing. You’ll poop the console.

Tape Delay Mode
The ETD is a fantastic tape delay simulation with unmatched versatility and sonics. From pristine vocal echoes to outer space flange effects, the ETD is a tool that brings out your creativity.

Tape Saturation Mode
Tape Saturation mode switches off the delays and turns the ETD into a dedicated tape saturator. Add a gentle warmth or completely overload the signal, and adjust wow and flutter for unique, modulated effects.

Tube Preamp Mode
The ETD’s tube preamp simulator adds a gorgeous warmth and richness to any signal you pass through it. No delay, no saturation, just pure tube preamp glow… or crank up the gain and make things explode.

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