Learn How To Compose Magical Fantasy Music [TUTORIAL]

Learn How To Compose Magical Fantasy Music [TUTORIAL]

Learn How To Compose Magical Fantasy Music [TUTORIAL]

Atmospheric & Magical Fantasy Music Composition

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn the Guidelines of Magical Fantasy Music
  • Master the Sounds of Magical Fantasy Music
  • Get Tips and Tricks from Practical Examples & Live Demonstrations
  • Insights from my own Fantasy Track Breakdowns


  • You need a DAW (Music Production Software)
  • You should already have some music composition experience
  • You need to have sounds & plugins for Fantasy Music

Welcome to a new amazing adventure, where you will explore the wonderful world of magical fantasy music. Music that will take you into a world of dreams and wonders, full of nostalgic vibes, peaceful sounds and sweet emotions.The atmosphere of magical fantasy music is truly special. It’s not powerful, epic, or full of dramatic action. Instead, it’s soft, peaceful, and dreamy – a world of magic. Magical fantasy music covers a wide range of emotions and feelings. From sweet and romantic, to mysterious and magical, to dreamy and divine.As a music composer, you are a storyteller of music, a creator of sound landscapes, and a designer of atmosphere and emotion. And this masterclass will give you the knowledge and power to compose, craft and shape amazing stories in the style of magical fantasy music.My name is Mikael Baggström, but you can call me Mike. I am a composer, musician and sound designer from Sweden. I started making music in the late 90s, mainly in various electronic music styles. But even back then, I had this big dream to one day be able to create: cinematic music. Why? Because I had fallen in love with the expressive and emotional power of soundtrack music.I grew up listening to amazing movie scores by John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Howard Shore, James Horner, and all the great film composers. I also fell in love with video game soundtracks like Baldur’s Gate, Heroes of Might & Magic, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft and many more.I created this masterclass, because I would have loved to have it in the start of my own journey in music. You to learn everything you need in order to create, shape and master magical fantasy music. And to compose music in this style that sounds beautiful, expressive and full of depth and emotion.If this sounds exciting to you, I invite you to start your journey today. My name is Mike, and this is my Magical Fantasy Music Masterclass. Are you ready to begin your adventure?


Section 1: Introduction and Foundations

  • Lecture 1 Your Fantasy Music Adventure
  • Lecture 2 Welcome & Introduction
  • Lecture 3 Action – Music Analysis

Section 2: The Sounds of Magical Fantasy Music

  • Lecture 4 Introduction – The Sound of Magic & Fantasy
  • Lecture 5 Light Percussion
  • Lecture 6 Sweet Flutes
  • Lecture 7 Mellow Reeds
  • Lecture 8 Dreamy Plucks
  • Lecture 9 Expressive Strings
  • Lecture 10 Noble Brass
  • Lecture 11 Elegant Pianos
  • Lecture 12 Magical Bells
  • Lecture 13 Light Mallets
  • Lecture 14 Emotional Vocals
  • Lecture 15 Ambient Soundscapes
  • Lecture 16 World Instruments
  • Lecture 17 Action – Create your Sound Palette

Section 3: The Golden Guidelines

  • Lecture 18 Introduction – The Golden Guidelines
  • Lecture 19 Soft & Peaceful (sound)
  • Lecture 20 Calm & Slow (energy)
  • Lecture 21 Open & Ambient (atmosphere)
  • Lecture 22 Intimate & Sweet (solo instruments)
  • Lecture 23 Emotional & Lyrical (expressive)
  • Lecture 24 Dreamy & Nostalgic (inviting)
  • Lecture 25 Harmonic & Melodic (non-rhythmic)
  • Lecture 26 Action – 16 Bars of Magical Fantasy Music

Section 4: Magical Fantasy Music in Action

  • Lecture 27 Introduction – Magical Fantasy Music in Action
  • Lecture 28 Track 1 – Peaceful Exploration
  • Lecture 29 Track 2 – Simple Life
  • Lecture 30 Track 3 – Divine Magic
  • Lecture 31 Congratulations – Now Take Action

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