Masterclass: Ben Böhmer In The Studio: Beyond Beliefs

Masterclass: Ben Böhmer In The Studio: Beyond Beliefs

Masterclass: Ben Böhmer – In The Studio

We are sitting down with Ben in the studio in Berlin, taking a closer look into his production process, idea generation, how he writes chords and melodies as well as him sharing his favourite effects and processing techniques.

Ben is one of the most played artists in Melodic Techno/House according to Spotify (over 2,4 Mio monthly listeners atm) and probably the most requested PML artist to share his production process in a masterclass.

Now you can follow Ben explaining how “Beyond Beliefs” came together – from the first idea to the final mix.

2h+ of lessons covering

  • idea generation
  • production process
  • favourite effects and processing techniques
  • sound & sample selection
  • arrangement & mixing


  • Session: Ben is making a track from scratch with Felix Raphael singing the vocal
  • More free bonus sessions

Course Curriculum

Part 1: Diving into the Elements of the Track

  • 1.0 Introduction (0:34)
  • 1.1 Welcome & Starting with the Arpeggio Foundation of the Track (9:48)
  • 1.2 Looking at the Main Theme of the Track (9:32)
  • Free Preview
  • 1.3 Sound Design of Synth Waves (12:58)
  • 1.4 Chords and Harmonic Structure (7:17)
  • 1.5 Kick and Bass Processing (7:19)
  • 1.6 Drum Programming (12:18)
  • 1.7 FX and Vocal FX Processing (9:48)

Part 2: Arrangement of the Track

  • 2.1 Arrangement Part 1: Intro, Theme, Breakdown (10:08)
  • 2.2 Arrangement Part 2: Buildup, Drop, Outro (11:18)

Part 3: Mixing the Track

  • 3. Mixing Session & Thank You (12:01)

Part 4: Bonus Material

  • 1. Ben Böhmer – Making A Track Idea From Scratch (with Vocals from Felix Raphael) (34:21)
  • 2. Ben Böhmer – Interview (about new Album and Workflow) (4:15)

Part 5: Free Bonus Material – Performing Live with Ableton

  • 1. Ben Böhmer – How I Play Live With Ableton Live (Setup Explained) (31:56)
  • 2: Ben Böhmer – Ableton Live Performance / DJing
  • 3: How to use Ableton Session View for Live Performances (with Attila) (26:17)

Part 6: Free Bonus Material – Tracks in the Style of Ben with Ableton

  • 1: Tutorial: Ableton Project “Balloon” in the Style of “Beyond Beliefs” (with Francois) (41:59)
  • 2: Tutorial: Ableton Project “Sun Vibes” in the Style of “Vale” (with Francois) (39:05)
  • 3: Tutorial: Ableton Project “Blue Circle” in the Style of “Purple Line” (with Francois) (66:10)
  • 4: Tutorial: Ableton Project “Cloud 94” (with Francois) (35:42)
  • 5: Quick run-through: Ableton Project “Bright Lights” in the Style of “Space In Between Remix” (with Francois) (13:49)

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