Mixwave Turnstile Daniel Fang [KONTAKT]

Mixwave Turnstile Daniel Fang [KONTAKT]

Mixwave Turnstile Daniel Fang [KONTAKT]

Genuine and passionate to the core, Daniel stands out in every aspect. His persona is characterized by a relentless dedication to his unique aesthetics.

Thriving on pushing the boundaries of his craft, he constantly experiments to find different sounds that elevate Turnstile’s music to new heights.

With meticulous attention to detail and a lot of T.L.C., we were able to create a virtual instrument that truly captures every essence of Daniel, resulting in a collection of tones that are rich, dynamic and full of character.

We are proud to present,

MixWave: Turnstile – Daniel Fang.

Mix-ready drums:

  •  Have Daniel’s production-perfect drums right out of the box
  •  Featuring 4 different snare options, 8 cymbals, and an array of percussion pieces captured and mixed at MixWave Studios

Total control:

  •  Go from completely raw samples to mix-ready drums with one click using the fully featured and intuitive mixer-style interface
  •  Dial in pre-mixed reverbs, FX, or the additional built-in master channel effects including a compressor, EQ, tape saturation, and flanger

…and more

  •  With an extensive amount of features, tools, and controls, MixWave: Turnstile – Daniel Fang can live up to any task

System requirements:

  •  macOS 10.13 to 13 (Latest Update)
  •  Windows 7 to 11 (Latest Update)
  •  Kontakt Player (Free) or Kontakt 6.5.3 and above
  •  Native Access 2
  •  Kontakt comes in VST / AU / AAX / Standalone
  •  Native Instruments Account (Free)
  •  For more system requirements information, visit our Support Page.

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