ModeAudio Fluorescence – Italo Disco Loops WAV MIDI

ModeAudio Fluorescence - Italo Disco Loops WAV MIDI

ModeAudio Fluorescence – Italo Disco Loops WAV MIDI

Join us on a journey back in time, to a moment in history when clubs were ruled by the euphoric marriage of glitterball and synthesizer – introducing the gleeful melodics of our latest sound pack smash, Fluorescence – Italo Disco Loops!

Welcome back to the era of big haircuts and gated reverb, where neon-lights and analog synths light up dancefloors across the globe with exuberant colour and addictive, infectious sound.

We’ve harnessed our own collection of vintage gear to produce this irrepressibly fun-filled, 549MB choice of royalty-free synth and drum loop nostalgia, caked in chorus and soaked in the life-affirming melodic power of Synth Pop and Disco.

198 Music Loops > a massive grab-bag of all your favourite Disco goodies awaits you in this scintillating loops collection, spanning soaring synth leads, ricocheting basslines, undulating arps, thundering drum machine rhythms and sweeping SFX, all dripping in concentrated analog flavour.

84 Drum Samples > from pulverising kick drum samples and those trademark, massive snares to rattling hi hats, crisp claps, thundering toms and beyond, this is an 80s drum machine treasure trove to send you sampler hurtling back to the future in style!

136 MIDI Loops & 88 Synth Tail Samples > uncover every melodic, harmonic and rhythmic secret cooked into the loops folder with a set of 136 MIDI loops, plus 88 synth tail samples to bring your chosen loop to a smooth, natural finish in your DAW.

It’s time to take back the dancefloor and rediscover the sheer, undeniable joy of that retro Disco groove – download Fluorescence – Italo Disco Loops and take charge of the rhythm today!


  • 23 Arps & Pad Loops
  • 23 Bass Loops
  • 29 Drum Loops (Full Beats & Drum Fills)
  • 41 Kick & Top Drum Loops
  • 26 Percussion Loops
  • 14 SFX Loops
  • 42 Synth Loops (Leads, Chords & Riffs)
  • 18 Kick Drum Samples
  • 19 Snare Drum Samples
  • 23 Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
  • 24 Percussion Samples (Toms, Rims & Shakers)
  • 198 Music Loops (104 – 126 Bpm)
  • 84 Drum Samples
  • 136 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)
  • 88 Synth Tail Samples

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