Music Protest Wavetable Creative Sound Design Tools TUTORIAL

Music Protest Wavetable Creative Sound Design Tools TUTORIAL

Ableton Wavetable Sound Design
If you’re new to wavetable (or synthesis as a whole), this course will give you a framework for sound design AND a good foundation for wavetable synths in general. If you’re experienced with sound design, this course offers you guidance for achieving best results in wavetable.

Where You’ll Start…
From filter simulations to oscillator effects, you’ll take the deep dive into how each feature in Ableton Wavetable helps you design richer, more original sounds.

Understand Wavetable’s Tools
If you’re looking for creative sound design tools (and a refined workflow) in wavetable synthesis, then this course will be great for you! Get creative ideas for sound design using:

•Timbral Analysis (Spectrum Analysis)
•Envelope Tweaks
•Creative Modulations

When You’re Finished…
Whether you’re reverse engineering famous patches or creating new sounds, Wavetable offers sound designers a tremendous palette of possibilities. You’ll gain insights into sound design tips, tricks and best practices using Wavetable and have the opportunity to follow along as we design sounds from scratch (drums, pad, lead, bass).


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