Music Technology Essentials: A Home Studio Guide

Music Technology Essentials: A Home Studio Guide PDF

Music Technology Essentials: A Home Studio Guide

Music Technology Essentials provides an overview of the vocabulary, techniques, concepts, and devices used in contemporary music production, and guides readers through the essential fundamentals of music technology so that they can create their own music productions at home.

This highly accessible book covers sound fundamentals and theory, as well as practical topics like hardware, software, MIDI, digital audio, synthesis, computer notation, and audio-visual applications, to equip the reader with the principles they need to achieve professional sounding results. Each chapter is accompanied by real-life examples and exercises that can be applied to any digital audio workstation software, to put the lessons into practice. This book will also help readers evaluate their requirements for home music production while working within a sensible budget.

Music Technology Essentials is the ideal textbook for beginners inside and outside of the classroom, including those on music and music production courses, who wish to enter the world of music technology but are unsure where to start or what to purchase.

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