Nu.Wav Penpocket LoFi Drums WAV

Nu.Wav Penpocket LoFi Drums WAV

Pepocket LoFi Drums is a collection of more than 200 loops and one shots recorded at Luna Studios in Los Angeles, CA by Chilean drummer & engineer Pepe Hidalgo Ramos. This pack features Pepe’s favorite vintage drums, which include a 60’s Ludwig and Slingerland bass drums, a 1920’s Leedy, 60’s & 70’s Ludwig and 70’s Slingerland snare drums, plus 1950’s Zildjian & Turkish Hi Hats, Dream Cymbals rides, and some custom modified Zildjian & Istanbul crashes. All drums and cymbals were also recorded in tandem with percussion to extend the sonic possibilities and create uniquely layered sounds.

Pepocket includes a variety of processed, distorted, compressed, crunchy, roomy and powerful beats that will inspire your next project, with a massive range of tempos. All loops & one shots were played, recorded & engineered by Pepe Hidalgo, with mix and sound design by Alejandro Vega from nu.wav. Thanks to Fito Otero for producing the demo. Please note that this is a drum pack only and does not contain any melodic content.


Demo Preview:

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