Overloud Gem Voice v1.0.6 [WIN & MacOS]

Overloud Gem Voice

Overloud Gem Voice v1.0.6 [WIN & MacOS]

VOICE: everything you need for any vocal mixing project
VOICE is the new Gem plug-in designed for vocal processing.

VOICE offers a comprehensive and streamlined vocal production workflow, based on analog processors, including:

  • NEW! Resizable graphic interface
  • a Mic Preamplifier (4 models)
  • a Tape Simulator (3 tapes + 3 special modes)
  • a Vocal Enhancer
  • a De-Boxer and a De-Esser
  • a Dynamic Processor with compressors (5 models) and an expander-gate
  • an Equalizer (5 models)
  • a Space Processor / Reverb Unit
  • an Analog Delay
  • a Master Section with an optional Limiter
  • an inteactive Dynamic Display
  • an interactive EQ Display

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