Patchbanks Lo-Fi Drums AIFF

Patchbanks Lo-Fi Drums AIFF

Lo-Fi Drums includes 165 free drum samples sourced from in-house archives of old recordings, tape cassettes and even sampler floppy disks. We layered these sounds and then crushed them with vintage analog gear to regenerate even more lo-fi saturation. The results… we’ll leave it up to our users to decide.

Item Specifications:

  •  Label: Patchbanks
  •  Released: 09/15/2021
  •  Version: Original
  •  Quality: Pro
  •  Genre: Hip Hop • Boom Bap
  •  Related Genres: Hip Hop, Throwback
  •  Audio Format: One-Shot • Drum
  •  File Format: 24bit Aiff
  •  Recording Sources: Acoustic
  •  Audio Channels: Stereo
  •  BPM Range: N/A
  •  Performance Style: Sound Design
  •  Instruments: Acoustic Drums
  •  Compositions:
  •  Total Files: 165
  •  Content List: x40 Kick, x35 Snare, x20 Rimshot, x51 Hat, x19 Extras


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