Piano Blues Master – Mastering Eb Blues TUTORIAL

Piano Blues Master - Mastering Eb Blues TUTORIAL

Piano Blues Master Mastering Eb Blues TUTORIAL

This series is the ultimate blues mastery method for the piano. Going far beyond “licks” and “grooves,” the Piano Blues Master series takes you deep into the fundamentals of blues and piano technique. You’ll be learning so gradually that you’ll be amazed what you can do by the end!

In our “Getting Started” course, we introduced students to the power of the black keys. With a simple three-note bass line in the left hand, and the freedom to play any note on the black keys with the right hand, you can play an exciting, authentic-sounding blues in the key of E-flat. Instead of playing formulas, you’re actually improvising, making up music on the spot, and it sounds good!

In “Mastering Eb Blues” we take you a lot farther. You’ll learn four new bass lines: The 1-3-5, the 1-#4-5, the 1-3-#4-5 and the 1-2-3-5. The best part is: You can solo over each of these bass lines just like you did over your first bass line, so by learning just a little, you’ll sound a lot more professional!

Once you know five bass lines, you can combine them into original new bass lines. That’s right, you’re making up bass lines on the spot! And when you add a solo on the black keys, you’re improvising in two hands at once.

Impossible? Too hard? You’ll see how easy it can be to get this kind of mastery in our E-flat course. Best of all, you’ll be set to go even farther in our next set of courses.

Who this course is for:
This course is for beginning pianists who want to be able to play a convincing blues in e-flat at the piano, and who want to be prepared with the information and skill to play the blues in every key. It’s also for teachers who want to teach blues improvisation to young and beginning learners.

What you’ll learn

  • Students will be able to play a blues solo in E-flat
  • Students will be able to improvise a bass-line in E-flat
  • Students will be able to combine a solo with an improvised bass line in E-flat
  • Students will know key musical terms related to the blues.

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