Pickup Music R&B Techniques in 7 Days TUTORIAL

Pickup Music R&B Techniques in 7 Days TUTORIAL

Learn iconic R&B techniques and advanced concepts to level up your chord progressions and become a more expressive guitarist.

R&B Techniques in 7 Days
Join Melanie as she pulls back the curtain on the tools and techniques that fuel her unique R&B playing style and viral guitar videos.

Get Melanie’s iconic sound under your fingers
Classic R&B backbeat vibes? Check. Lighting-fast embellishments? Check. Whammy bar? Double check.

There’s no guitarist quite like Melanie Faye.

In this unique Master Class, she breaks down essential R&B techniques and advanced concepts that will equip you with a fresh outlook on your playing through the lens of R&B guitar.

You’ll start the class with Melanie’s extensive R&B toolkit, where she walks you through fundamental techniques in a way that will ramp up the expressiveness of your playing.

Then, she incorporates those techniques in 7 chord progression breakdown lessons for your learning pleasure.

Here’s what you’ll work on:

  • Learn how to play and sound like Melanie
  • Give your guitar an expressive, vocal quality
  • Master chordal R&B techniques that you can incorporate in your songwriting
  • Understand how common R&B chord progressions work
  • Meet your mentor

Melanie is an Atlanta-based guitarist, bassist, producer, and songwriter who first captured the world’s attention in 2017. After taking the digital world by storm with her viral guitar videos, Melanie’s playing has been lauded by John Mayer, Quincy Jones, H.E.R., and other legendary musicians.

In addition to working with major guitar brands, Melanie has performed with Willow Smith, Noname, Maggie Rogers, Hayley Williams, Cautious Clay, Jamila Woods, Masego, and Mac DeMarco.

Who is this class for?
This class is best suited for intermediate and advanced guitarists, but motivated beginners can benefit from the R&B toolkit at the beginning of the class.

What do I need to know before starting this class?
You do not need to know much about R&B or neo soul to benefit from this class. However, to get the most out of the following lessons, you’ll need to have some basic theory under your belt.

At a minimum, you should know an intermediate-level of open and moveable chord shapes, basic embellishments (like hammer-ons and pull-offs), common blues and rock progressions, as well as the numbers system. Knowing major scale modes will be helpful, but you don’t need to know melodic minor modes.

We’re with you, every step of the way.
You’ll complete this class alongside our international community of Pickup Music members. With unlimited learning support from our team of master’s-level educators, we’re here to answer your questions and provide unlimited guidance as you progress through your guitar journey.

Ready to level up?
Let’s get started!


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