Planet Samples Emotional Trance Vocals WAV MIDI

Planet Samples Emotional Trance Vocals WAV MIDI

‘Emotional Trance Vocals’ from Planet Samples includes five vocal Construction Kits. Each Kit contains the Dry, Wet, and Adlibs Vocals ready to be used in your next track.

All accompanying synth instrument WAV and MIDI files are also included and folders are numbered and labelled with their respective key scale and BPM for your convenience. FX’s are not included.

In detail, you can find all melodic elements in WAV loops such as pianos, bass, and pads.

If you are an amateur music producer and you don’t have a music theory background or you don’t know how to create melodies and chords, then the MIDI files included in this sample pack will help you to see and study how these melodic elements were created.

What’s more, everything you get is Royalty-Free! Buy once and use in any of your projects in as many combinations as you want. Compatible with all DAWs and suitable for genres such as Uplifting, Melodic and Progressive Trance.

Product Details:

– 5 Wet Acapella Vocals
– 5 Dry Acapella Vocals
– 5 Dry Acapella Vocals
– 16 Wet Adlibs Vocals
– 16 Dry Adlibs Vocals
– 20 Instrument Loops (Pads, Bass & Piano)
– 20 MIDI Files
– Vocals BPM: 128
– 100% Royalty-Free


Demo Preview:

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