PML Pigments Preset Pack by Tim Engelhardt

Production Music Live Pigments Preset Pack by Tim Engelhardt

Over 120 presets for Pigments – push the boundaries of modern sound design for Deep, Melodic and Progressive House. BONUS: Template File produced by Tim Engelhardt using Pigments for Drums, Bass, Pads, Leads and more.

About These Presets

Arturia is a staple in the production world – for analog and digital synths alike! Take advantage of rich, creamy and analog sounding presets for your productions.

We have teamed up with Arturia to bring you the full PIGMENTS experience. Download Pigments 3 for free to use all 120 presets in the pack.

Deep & Progressive House in the style of Afterlife, Tale of Us, Mathame, Colyn and many more.

What You Get

  • All presets handcrafted by Tim Engelhardt.
  • 120+ Presets. Ready-to-use pack for you to save valuable time and create professional sound.
  • Bonus: Fully Produced Ableton Template by Tim Engelhardt

Here’s exactly what you’re getting

120+ Presets for Pigments:

  • 27+ Bass Sounds
  • 27+ Pad Sounds
  • 2 Chord Patches
  • 5+ Plucks
  • 15 Keys
  • 22 Leads
  • 9 Noise and Perc Tools
  • 12 Signature Leads, Pads and Sequences

Bonus: A Fully Produced Ableton Template by Tim Engelhardt

Software Requirements

  • Minimum Requirement: Pigments 2 by Arturia.
  • For All Presets: Pigments 3 by Arturia
  • For Template: Ableton Live 11 Suite + Pigments 3


Demo Preview:

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