Recording Sound: A Concise Guide to the Art of Recording PDF

Recording Sound: A Concise Guide to the Art of Recording PDF

This book is for beginners, hobbyists and semi-professionals wanting to enhance and improve their knowledge of recording sound. Focusing on using microphones to capture a few instruments, both the theory and the practical considerations are explained in a concise and digestible manner.

Many artists can craft standout productions by working solely ‘in the box’ with their DAW of choice, or with hardware such as synths and processing tools that do not require a microphone. However, musicians and artists may want to start working towards capturing a variety of sounds, instruments and environments, as this can enhance the listening soundstage and feel of a production. This book succinctly presents aspects of the recording process. It explores different ways to get started on your journey as a recording engineer or artist, be it hiring a studio, setting up a recording space or recording on location.

“This book is an essential read for any budding producer, engineer or artist who is serious about a life in music” – Brendan Lynch

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