reFX Nexus 3 Expansion: Moombahton 1+2

reFX Nexus 3 Expansion: Moombahton 1+2

Get ready to make them shake it with the new Moombahton expansion pack!

Busting with house-meets-reggaeton sounds that will win over any Bigroom club, this pack features fat basslines, ravey synths, pitched vocal-sounds, endless buildups, and the hottest quintessential Moombahton beats.

Whether you’re producing Hip Hop, Trap, EDM chart toppers, or Melbourne Bounce & House, this one will add a touch of spice and heat to your secret sauce!


Due to the huge success of Moombahton in the clubs and the charts, we decided to bring you the hottest Moombah, Trap and HipHop sounds around!

Give ’em what they want with these booty-shaking grooves, screaming sirens, pitching and sliding vocals, fresh wobbles, sexy low basses, fat brass sections, and hot guitar licks.

With so much Moombahton madness, they won’t know what hit them – while you crank out that next, big hit!


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