SINEE Kai Tracid Masterclass TUTORIAL

SINEE Kai Tracid Masterclass TUTORIAL

SINEE Kai Tracid Masterclass TUTORIAL

303 sound, techno vibes and trance pads – this is the sound that characterizes Kai Tracid with his uncompromising releases. In our masterclass he talks about how he found his sound and what inspires him. The producer has exciting suggestions on hand for the community as to how artists can free themselves from genre boundaries with their music. In addition to the mindset topic, the main focus is on the production technology and the workflow of Kai Tracid: The long-time producer shows you how to get the complicated sequencer of the TB-303 under your control! There are also really interesting tips on 303 plugins for everyone who likes to produce in the box and doesn’t want to do without an authentic 303 sound result.

The master class has another little extra feature in store for you: Kai Tracid invited his acoustician to the studio and we had the opportunity to elicit exciting facts about room calculations and easy-to-implement acoustic measures from him.

There are also many exciting lessons on kick and bass processing, mixdown and arrangement in techno productions! Look over the shoulder of the experienced and successful trance, acid and techno producer and be inspired by his relaxed and refreshing approach.

Kai Tracid Master Class focus

  • Overall processes of a music production
  • Room acoustics and acoustic measures
  • Producer Mindset: Find your sound
  • Acid sounds with TB-303 and software
  • Track review by DT64
  • Kick & Bass processing
  • Arrangement, Mixdown and Master

Content & Details

  • On Demand Videos
  • Almost 3 hours running time
  • Lifetime access to course content
  • 17 lessons in 5 chapters
  • Suitable for any DAW

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