Sinevibes Whirl v2 v2.1.0 [WIN]

Sinevibes Whirl v2

Sinevibes Whirl v2 v2.1.0 [WIN]

Whirl is a barber-pole phaser effect plugin. It is based on a Bode frequency shifter model with a feedback line, an algorithm which creates unique spectrum peaks and notches that move upwards or downwards in a seemingly endless fashion – with one spectrum sweep smoothly morphing into the next one, like an audible illusion.

Whirl features up to three fully synchronized barber-pole phaser stages: this allows you to control how gentle or dramatic the effect is. At its most extreme settings, Whirl is capable of deeply resonant filtering: it almost individually suppresses and accentuates different frequency harmonics. By design, the spectrum sweep frequency is bipolar – and can go from downwards to upwards motion and back completely seamlessly.


  • Barber-pole phaser based on Bode frequency shifter, with up to three sequential stages and progressive feedback
  • Frequency can be set in Hz or as host tempo fraction with precise transport location sync
  • Variable bipolar stereo phase offset
  • Lag filters on all continuous parameters for smooth, click-free adjustment
  • Supports mono › mono, mono › stereo, and stereo › stereo channel configurations


  • Color-coded graphic elements
  • Consistent name, mapping, value, and unit implemented for all parameters in both graphic user interface and host control/automation
  • Built-in preset management functions
  • Supports window size scaling up to 200%

AAX + AU + VST3 for macOS 10.9 or later (64-bit Intel and Apple Silicon)
AAX + VST3 for Windows 8.1 or later (64-bit Intel)

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