Singomakers Hardcore Salvation [MULTIFORMAT]

Singomakers Hardcore Salvation [MULTIFORMAT]

Singomakers Hardcore Salvation [MULTIFORMAT]

Introducing Hardcore Salvation: unleash the raw power of hardcore music!

Get ready to dive into the world of relentless energy and bone-shaking sounds with Hardcore Salvation, the ultimate sample pack for hardcore and hard dance music producers. Inspired by legendary artists such as Deadly Guns, Angerfist, Nosferatu, Tha Playah, Barber, N-Vitral, Furyan, Restrained, D-Fence, and many others, this pack is a must-have for anyone looking to create mind-blowing hardcore tracks.

Packed with an impressive 1.5 GB of high-quality 24-bit samples, Hardcore Salvation delivers an unstoppable sonic assault at a furious 190 BPM. From distorted synth fills to heart-pounding drum loops, and kick rolls to mesmerising melody loops, this pack has everything you need to inject raw intensity into your productions.

Whether you’re looking to create bone-crushing drops or build tension with ear-splitting synth loops, Hardcore Salvation provides you with an extensive range of tools to fuel your creativity. The included MIDI files allow you to customise melodies and add your personal touch, while the diverse collection of brand-new vocals from Singomakers’ new MCs adds an extra layer of aggression and emotion to your tracks.

With its vast array of one-shots, you have the freedom to craft your own signature sounds. From punchy kicks to screeching leads and distorted bass hits, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild and create tracks that will leave your listeners breathless.

Hardcore Salvation is designed to push the boundaries of hardcore music production. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, this sample pack is your ticket to creating explosive, floor-shaking tracks that will dominate the dancefloors. Step into the world of hardcore music and experience the raw power of Hardcore Salvation.

And one more thing… we have added a discount code for our new creative distortion plugin Faturist which we use to create the signature sound of our hardcore and hard dance sounds, don’t miss it!

Get your hands on Hardcore Salvation today and unleash the full potential of your hardcore productions!

  • 1.5 GB24-Bit Samples
  • 31 Distorted Synth Fills
  • 50 Drum Loops
  • 51 Kick Rolls80 Melody Loops
  • 68 MIDI Files
  • 82 Synth Loops
  • 95 Vocals (42 Dry, 53 Wet)
  • 219 Total One-Shots
  • 21 Clap One-Shots
  • 22 Crash & Ride One-Shots
  • 30 Hi-Hat One-Shots
  • 52 Kick One-Shots
  • 22 Reversed Kick One-Shots
  • 52 Unmastered Kick One-Shots
  • 20 Snare One-Shots
  • 90 Total SFX
  • 20 Downshifters
  • 7 Bass Falls
  • 10 Impacts
  • 25 Noises
  • 28 Risers
  • 12 Sampler Patches (EXS24, Kontakt 2+, NNXT)
  • + Promo & Discount Folder

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