Skillshare Composing a Scary Film Score [TUTORIAL]

Skillshare Composing a Scary Film Score [TUTORIAL]

Are you scared of dabbling in scary music? Fear no longer, because today’s class tackles the elusive genre of film score that aims to to surprise and unnerve its audience, film scores for scary movies.

In today’s class we will watch a short trailer for a scary film, then create a new score that suits the clip we’re using. We’ll build chords and manipulate those chords with a few choice plugins that will add the vibe we need to make our audience uncomfortable. We’ll also manipulate a children’s song so that it changes from innocent to insidious and therefore perfect for our score.

Students taking part should prepare a music composition software (DAW) of their choice, I’ll be using Ableton Live 11. Plugins are fun but not mandatory, I’ll be using Valhalla SuperMassive, Spitfire Originals, and RC-20 Retro Colour. This class is taught simply and is therefore perfect for beginners, but those at a higher level are welcome to watch and hopefully gain inspiration for any project they’re working on.

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