somePlugin sonicScoop [AMXD]

omePlugin sonicScoop

somePlugin sonicScoop [AMXD]

Inject your sounds in this plugin and carve the fussy frequencies out of your mix.

This is not a multiband compressor but a 24 band EQ that analyses the spectrum of the sidechain signal and applies a reversed dynamic EQ curve to another track, with no latency.

SonicScoop is an Ableton Live only plugin, it is done with Max MSP. If you don’t want this shiny, minimal, more functional and optimized version (yes, I spent hours trying to make your CPU load lower) you can download the beta version for free on gumroad, here in my profile.

improvements since last version:

  •  Cleaner and bigger interface
  •  Mid Side and Left Right option added
  •  The whole plugin has been re-coded from the ground up to get an optimized CPU load (from 12-14% to 6-7%)*
  •  Extended range for the sidechain input filters
  •  Bug fix on the sidechain input filters

improvements that will be made if more than 10 people buy this plugin:

– Further optimization (some computation can be done in lower level language)

– Added control to slide the frequency values of the filters (they now have fixed harmonic distance) to increase the detail of your intervention. (This may be set with a root note as a foundamental instead of a number in Hz, or maybe you can choose between these two)

– have phun, for bug report email me.

*values calculated with 512 samples as buffer size (standard ableton buffer size) in a MacBook Pro 15 (2013) with an intel i7 and 8gb of RAM (the CPU counter inside max editor reports 5.75% CPU load)

Download link

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