Sonic Academy How To Make Progressive Trance Dreamworld with Jaytech TUTORIAL

Sonic Academy How To Make Progressive Trance Dreamworld with Jaytech TUTORIAL

Back by popular demand Sonic Academy welcomes Jaytech for an all-new ‘How To Make’ course where we recreate his Anjunabeats Progressive Trance classic Dreamworld from scratch.

As with all of Jaytech’s courses we get the in-depth philosophy behind the writing as well as all of the production techniques involved. This makes his ever-popular courses more than just a ‘How To Make’ as he delves into the deeper questions answering why he makes the decisions he does when creating a dance track.

Starting by stripping the track bare to its musical element we build up a wall of layered sounds and beats to make this epic floor filler crammed with tips and tricks along the way from a true professional to help raise your game.

Oh yeah, there’s a remix contest as well…

Just click on the link above for more details and your chance to feature on the world-class label Anjunabeats!


  • Tutorial 01 – Introduction and Playthrough
  • Tutorial 02 – Writing the Music First
  • Tutorial 03 – Kick and Bass Combo
  • Tutorial 04 – Trance Stack
  • Tutorial 05 – Plucks and Riffs
  • Tutorial 06 – Best Practices for Trance Drums
  • Tutorial 07 – Lead Stack
  • Tutorial 08 – The FX Section
  • Tutorial 09 – Atmospherics
  • Tutorial 10 – Vocal Soundbytes
  • Tutorial 11 – Volume Approach
  • Tutorial 12 – EQ and Compression
  • Tutorial 13 – Preparations for Mastering
  • Tutorial 14 – Final Thoughts and Lessons Learned


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