Sonic Academy HTM Demixing with King Unique TUTORIAL

Sonic Academy HTM Demixing with King Unique TUTORIAL

So you want to remix a track but can’t get the individual stems? Do not worry – just roll out the red carpet and let King Unique grace us with his presence again as he takes an in-depth look into the world of Demixing.

Over these 14 videos, he checks out some very different types of software that take on the challenge of separating audio elements, including some free, paid, online and plugin formats to get your teeth into.

All of these methods give varying levels of success and can also be used in a more creative way as we find out during the course before getting a glimpse into what the future holds as AI and software improve.

A fascinating insight into what’s proving to be some very useful tools!

Check it out!


  • Tutorial 01 – Introduction
  • Tutorial 02 – EZStems
  • Tutorial 03 – iZotope RX8 Music ReBalance
  • Tutorial 04 – Audionamix Xtrax Stems
  • Tutorial 05 –
  • Tutorial 06 – Z-Plane Peel
  • Tutorial 07 – Eventide Physion
  • Tutorial 08 – Regroover Pro
  • Tutorial 09 – Tone Empire Samplab
  • Tutorial 10 – RipX Deep Remix/Audio Part 1
  • Tutorial 11 – RipX Deep Remix/Audio Part 2
  • Tutorial 12 – Practical Example
  • Tutorial 13 – Microsampling with Samplab
  • Tutorial 14 – Audioshake: The Future?


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