Sonic Academy Understanding Reverb TUTORIAL

Sonic Academy Understanding Reverb TUTORIAL

This week we’re looking at one of the most common effects used in our tracks as we give you the definitive course on Reverb.

Over these nine videos, we go right back to basics looking at what reverb actually is, the different types available, along with the common controls you’ll find and how they can affect the sound before Protoculture shows us some examples and best practices when using this vital effect.

This course will give you the skills to fully understand what’s happening when you apply reverb to a track and why you should choose certain reverbs over another to help you get the best sound in your mix.

Essential viewing so check it out!


  • Tutorial 01 – Introduction
  • Tutorial 02 – Reverb Types Part 1
  • Tutorial 03 – Reverb Types Part 2
  • Tutorial 04 – Sidechain Reverb
  • Tutorial 05 – FX Chain Processing
  • Tutorial 06 – Gated Reverb
  • Tutorial 07 – Mixing with Reverb
  • Tutorial 08 – Vocal Reverb
  • Tutorial 09 – Drum Reverb


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