Sonic Collective Soft Piano Arpeggios & Stacks WAV

Sonic Collective Soft Piano Arpeggios & Stacks WAV

This pack of upright piano is focused on arpeggios with chord progressions inspired by film scores that trace their lineage to the work of composers such as Chopin, Ravel and Prokofiev. The performances are raw and rich, embracing the idiosyncrasies of the instrument and were recorded with tandem stereo pairs of Coles 4038s and Neumann KM184s.

There are also twists and turns of audio processing with lo-fi mix options and pulsating tremolo versions of some of the short etudes. These loops and chords will work as excellent song starters for producers looking to infuse their tracks with human elements and analog variation.

  • 220 loops
  • 53 one shots

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Demo Preview:

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