Sounds in HD Acoustic Drum Samples Bundle WAV

Sounds in HD Acoustic Drum Samples Bundle

Sounds in HD Acoustic Drum Samples Bundle WAV

Are These The World’s BEST Acoustic Drum Samples?

Every producer needs a sweet set of warm, crunchy acoustic drum samples – and there are none better than Sounds In HD – Acoustic Blends.

  • The world’s BEST Acoustic Drum Samples
  • Over 390 One Shot Acoustic Drum Samples
  • 24 bit WAV Format – Works with all software/hardware
  • Kicks, Snares, Cymbals, Rides, Hats and more
  • Ultra HQ Recording Chain (Avalon 737, Focusrite, Drawmer and more)


Featuring 154 superb acoustic samples. Recorded with the Avalon 737, Focusrite, Drawmer and more for thick raw samples. Layed with textures, tones, and unusual samples for a fresh unique sound.


260+ brand-new sounds. The designers at Sounds in HD held nothing back, adding new processing from analog beast such as the API A series Equalizers, and the new Elysia Xpressor 500. This new kit was heavily influenced by super producer Danja, and features 60 extra samples (kicks, snares etc.) all designed using secret industry techniques developed over the years.

BONUS – Keyflo’s Collection

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Demo Preview:

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