SRR Future Garage & Electronica WAV

SRR Future Garage & Electronica WAV

Future Garage & Electronica is an arsenal of inspiring material for all things, deep, warm, melodic and organic. It contains loosely swung percussive loops, sprinkling fairy-dust-like hi-hats, crunchy lo-fi percussive hits, evolving string loops, screwface-making basslines, deep & dark synth loops and crisp, heavily-processed vocal loops. You’ll find something in here that’s perfect for any project.

Allow this to be your brand new tool box, full to the brim with blissful, morphing samples that lend themselves perfectly as layers to your music. These sounds have been sourced from real-world instruments and recordings and have been processed with an array of different techniques, from adding subtle, discrete saturation & resonances to in your face, heavily-driven tape distortion & long, echoing reverbs & delays to ensure you’re feeling fully inspired, and have all the ingredients you need to create your best work to date.

This sample pack contains:

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 1.23GB
  • 30 Bass Loops
  • 81 Melodic Loops
  • 54 Percussive and Drum Loops
  • 15 Textures and FX
  • 31 Vocal Loops and One Shots
  • 13 Bass One Shots
  • 35 Melodic One Shots and Stabs
  • 16 Claps And Snares
  • 18 Cymbals and Hats
  • 49 Foley Percussion Hits
  • 16 Kicks


Demo Preview:

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