Submission Audio DjinnBass II [KONTAKT]

Submission Audio DjinnBass II [KONTAKT]

DjinnBass 2 combines the legendary punch, low note clarity & aggression of the original with the power of hyper-realistic truBass technology. For the first time ever, you can choose pick or fingerstyle – like having two instruments in one.

This completely resampled Dingwall NG2 packs two crushing premixed tones with truSlide, truLegato, slap bass, ghosts & mutes to set the standard for extreme modern virtual bass.


  •  Bass model: Dingwall NG2
  •  Sampled by: Ermin Hamidovic
  •  Playing style: Pick & Finger
  •  Strings: 5
  •  Tuning range: C0 – G4
  •  Articulations: Pick Alternate, Pick Up, Pick Down, Finger Alternate, Index Finger, Middle Finger, Dead Note, Slap, Dead Slap, Pop, Dead Pop, Harmonic, Hammer On/Pull Off, Tapping, Slide Trigger, Fret Hand Mute,
  •  Palm       Mute Alt, Palm Mute Up, Palm Mute Down, Dead Strum, Dead Palm Rest
  •  Included Tones: DI, Grit, Distortion
  •  truBass: Yes


  •  Dingwall NG2: Exceptionally realistic virtual model of a Dingwall NG2 bass guitar for Kontakt Player
  •  truBass Technology: Experience unparalleled realism with our industry-leading truBass engine, delivering the authentic feel and dynamic response of a real bass guitar
  •  Dual Expression: Our first ever dual-sampled bass. Now you can choose either pick or fingerstyle, depending on what your music needs
  •  23 Performance Articulations: Pick & Finger Picking, Slap, Pop, Slide, Ghost Notes, Hammer On, Pull Off, Tap, Strum, Palm Rest, Fret Hand Mute and more allow for recreating even the most complex bass lines
  •  Intelligent Alternate Picking: Immediately realistic playback with logic-based, automatic alternate picking
  •  Multi-Sampling: Every fret position across the entire instrument has been multi-sampled, so you can program the performance exactly as a real bassist would play it
  •  Raw DI: The pure, unprocessed signal, directly from the bass guitar. Treat it like you would a regular bass performance (except that it’s actually good!)
  •  Pre-Mixed Tones: Instantly elevate your tracks with two professionally crafted, mix-ready tones, designed for seamless integration into any project
  •  Integrated Mixer: Fine-tune your sound with our built-in mixer. Curated controls create the fastest way to tailor the included tones to your music
  •  Interactive Fretboard: Visualize your bass lines in real-time with an intuitive fretboard display, enhancing your connection with the instrument
  •  truSlides: Fully controllable, variable tempo slides from any note to any other note give you complete control over your performance
  •  truLegato: Easy, automatic hammer on/pull-off articulation logic, so you can get on with being creative
  •  Humanize Control: Infuse your performance with natural variation using the Humanize control, adding subtle differences for a more organic feel
  •  Position Control: Think of this as a virtual capo, shifting your virtual playing position up the fretboard, selecting higher frets and creating a rounder sound – just like in real life
  •  Force String: Gain complete control over your tone, allowing you to choose exactly which string is used for every note
  •  Pitch Bend: Bend the notes (and vibrato) up to 12 semitones!
  •  ‘DOOM’ Mode: A specialized mode focusing on the most impactful, clear samples with maximized velocity for aggressive musical styles, such as EDM
  •  Custom Keyswitch Mapping: Tailor your workflow with customizable keyswitch mapping, allowing you to assign and access different articulations and techniques on the fly

Included Tones:

  •  DI: Raw tone, directly from the bass. Treat it like any studio-grade performance – run it through your favourite gear
  •  Grit: Spanky driven sound, aiming to emulate that classic combination of Dingwall x Darkglass
  •  Distortion: Ensign, engage warp 9! All safeties disabled – this is the all-out sonic assault

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Demo Preview:

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