Synthesis Masterclass with Arturia’s MicroBrute TUTORIAL

Synthesis Masterclass with Arturia's MicroBrute TUTORIAL

Synthesis Masterclass with Arturia’s MicroBrute TUTORIAL

Join me, in this short synthesis masterclass, exploring Arturia’s MicroBrute.

You will learn everything you need to know, to level up your synthesis game. All the concepts apply to practically every other synth out there.

This course is great for anyone at any level, new creators, producers, and veterans can learn new and interesting ways to create unique sounds. Navigate around synths, understand the different synth components that help you compose your sound. Determine which type of synthesis is used to generate sound. As well, use any of its limitations to your advantage.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Overview of synths
  • Some cool history and development trends that shaped music through the decades
  • Structures and time signatures
  • How to use limitations as creative outlets
  • Oscillators, Waves, Harmonics, Overtones
  • Filters, Frequency, Resonance,
  • Types of Filters like low/high/bandpass
  • Sound Envelope/ADSR and how to shape and tone your sound
  • Keyboard tracking, LFO modulation & hardware sequencing
  • How to identify just about any synthesizer by synthesis type, and how to use it
  • How to create any sound of your own concept using hardware or software synthesizers

This course uses Arturia’s MicroBrute but is designed to work with any other synth. So no matter what synthesizer you are using, this class will guide you through how to use your synthesizers.

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