TENTACLES // Future Beats Sample Pack WAV

TENTACLES // Future Beats Sample Pack WAV

Ghost Syndicate’s tireless research team has just come back from a time travel with quite a bit to tell.

Future humans are nothing like us.

They’ve mutated almost to the point of being indistinguishable from some kind of molluscs, wielding huge and slimy tentacles instead of the limbs we have.

Next, they have developed an advanced sense of time, which influenced the culture in general, and music in particular. Speaking of which, we have studied their music as much as we could, and managed to bring back a package of recorded samples of what their music sounds like. We believe they call it something like “Future Beats” or “Future Hip-Hop”, and it perfectly represents their biology as compared to ours: heavyweight, sloppy, and groovy as hell.

So if you’d like to try your hand at making some tunes from the future, we won’t hesitate to send you a copy.


· 47 Bass Loops
· 20 Drum Loops
· 20 Hat Loops
· 20 Top Loops
· 42 Percussion Loops
· 20 Kick & Snare Loops
· 20 Kick Loops
· 20 Snare Loops
· 34 Synth Loops
· 15 Atmo Loops
· 20 Fx Loops
· 29 Kicks
· 25 Snares
· 67 Percussion Hits
· 12 Fills
· 20 FXs


Demo Preview:

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