The Complete Guitar Chord Masterclass Advanced Chords [TUTORIAL]

The Complete Guitar Chord Masterclass Advanced Chords TUTORIAL

The Complete Guitar Chord Masterclass Advanced Chords [TUTORIAL]

Advanced Chord tools to further develop your own unique playing style

What you’ll learn:

  • Advanced chord shapes and techniques
  • How to play chords for various genres – like Jazz, Blues, Rock and Neo Soul
  • Chord tools to further develop your own unique playing style
  • Common chord progressions to identify in songs and utilize in your own songwriting


  • This is the third course in a series on beginner, intermediate and advanced chords
  • You should have a good understanding of basic chord shapes, how chords are built and 7th chords

The Advanced Guitar Chords course is the pinnacle of chord mastery, designed to propel your guitar playing skills to new heights. Building upon the foundation established in the Beginner and Intermediate Chords courses, this course is tailored for experienced guitarists who seek to push the boundaries of chordal complexity and explore the outer realms of harmonic possibilities.Throughout this comprehensive course, you will embark on an in-depth exploration of advanced chord voicings, inversions, and extensions. I will guide you through a series of challenging yet rewarding lessons, ensuring that you develop the necessary skills and techniques to navigate the complex landscape of advanced chords.The course builds on and reinforces the knowledge gained in the previous courses. From there, you will delve into advanced chord voicings, such as jazz chords, altered chords, and chord substitutions.In addition to the technical aspects, the course will also cover topics like chord analysis and chord construction. You will gain a deeper understanding of chord theory and the underlying principles of different types of chords.By the end of the Advanced Guitar Chords course, you will have developed a mastery of advanced chord concepts and techniques. Whether your aspirations lie in jazz, rock, Neo Soul, or any other genre, the Advanced Guitar Chords course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel as an advanced guitarist.

Who this course is for:

  • Guitarists comfortable with several types of chords looking to grow their skills

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