Tim Petherick U76 V3 Nebula 4 Library (Skin Included)

Tim Petherick U76 V3 Nebula 4 Library (Skin Included)

Version 3 of the U76 Limiter,

4 sample rates for preamp
Updated all sample rates compressor instance.
ratios 4, 8, 12, 20 and All buttons
N4 and N3 jpn skins
Side chain programs
What’s changed? at the time of v2 I had built two styles of presets, auto (time dependence) and Dynamic (Compression amount effecting release time). V3 features both of these combined to give a truer emulation. V3 is more stable as a direct consequence of building a better template in nebula. This still works with 1.3.903. I believe you will enjoy this library more than ever!!

All buttons mode now also features an inverse discharging release character, which gives that fast crushed sound it’s famous for!!!

In Use :

Select your ratio from the menu and if desired add the preamp!

USE Preamp after comp instance


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