Tone Projects Unisum v1.1.3 VST3 AU AAX

Tone Projects Unisum v1.1.3 VST3 AU AAX

Tone Projects Unisum v1.1.3 VST3 AU AAX [WIN & macOS]

Transparent, beautiful and ultra-flexible mastering compression.

A new class of compression

Unisum is a state-of-the-art mastering compressor based on a novel topology combining impeccable sound with unmatched musical flexibility.

Built in collaboration with experienced mastering professionals, Unsium features clean wideband compression driven by flexible multi-band detection, and extensive control over envelope and transfer curve. Whether you want to add glue or groove, shape the dynamic contours, or solve a challenge in the mix, Unisum helps you achieve your goal with precision and integrity.


  • Add depth and energy without sacrificing the integrity of the source material
  • Control stereo image and add natural width using Mid/Side mode and flexible channel linking
  • Add polish and cohesive glue to any mix regardless of style
  • Shape Attack and Release curves for perfect grab and movement
  • Tailor every part of the compression response for a unique fit with the material
  • Solve challenges in a mix with the highest possible precision and fidelity

Key Features

Exceptionally clean compression

One of Unisum’s most compelling traits is the incredible clean compression. With extremely low intermodulation distortion and practically no digital aliasing, Unisum rivals high-end analog gear. Combined with musical level detection, program dependent envelopes, and smooth gain reduction Unisum delivers transparent compression that is perfectly suited for program material demanding the highest fidelity.

Wideband compression with multi-band control

At the heart of Unisum is a unique multi-band detection path offering immense control. The sidechain is split into 3 frequency bands, each with parallel RMS and Peak detectors. The result is efficient yet musical level tracking with flexibility to tailor the response for a perfect fit with any track. You can also set up frequency dependent Threshold, Ratio, and Attack/Release.. all without destructive crossovers in the audio path.

Full creative control

In stark contrast to automated “AI” tools and oversimplified one-size-fits-all compressors, Unisum provides detailed controls that empower you to respond with great precision to what your ears and emotions tell you is needed for the most impactful sound. Adjust the Attack and Release curves and set up transient specific timings. Shape the transfer curve. Filter and limit the channel linking, and much more.

Character when you need it

Unisum stays clean, until you tell it not to. Engage the HYGGE circuit to add mastering grade transformer and tube warmth. Being highly level and frequency dependent in nature, HYGGE imparts subtle weight and thickness to any sound. With Memory Effect you can mimic the program dependent behaviour of opto compressors, or inverse it for a very different feel. Or you might want to crank the RMS detector speed for some low end bite.


  • State-of-the-art digital compressor suited for all mastering applications
  • Wideband compression driven by flexible multi-band detector scheme
  • Adjustable RMS and Peak detectors across 3 frequency bands
  • Variable Knee, GR Limit, and Linearity parameters offering full control over transfer curve
  • Frequency dependent Ratio and Threshold
  • Release Curve continuously variable between linear and logarithmic
  • Detailed controls to shape Attack and Release curves
  • Memory Effect for adjustable program dependency of Attack and Release
  • Transient Override to adjust attack/release for loud transients
  • Parallel secondary envelope useful for smoothing without sacrificing responsiveness
  • Switchable HYGGE circuit for a warm and thick sound inspired by tubes and transformers
  • Stereo or Mid/Side mode with separate controls for each channel
  • Continuously variable channel linking, including advanced controls to filter and limit linking
  • Sidechain high-pass, low-pass, and emphasis/dip filters
  • Dry/Wet control for easy parallel compression
  • Loudness based Auto-Gain
  • 3 quality modes, ranging from Real-Time to Pristine using high fidelity linear phase oversampling
  • Gain reduction meter switchable between True GR, PPM, and VU ballistics
  • A/B preset switching
  • Scalable user interface
  • Built-in Style presets with easy to use starting points for advanced parameters
  • Presets by experienced mastering engineers
  • Supports both Intel and Apple Silicon processors

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