Toontrack Synthwave EzKeys Midi

Toontrack Synthwave EzKeys Midi

Let’s all agree: the soundtrack to the ’80s had a shrill synth hook, a repetitive eighth-note bass and a machine-like beat in it. But not only that, synth completely overthrew culture on a whole. With its extraordinary aesthetics, it permeated arts, films and fashion and, frankly, made an entire generation unanimously march to its static beat. Today, unlike many other styles that just fizzled out, it’s slung back and gone full circle.

Inspired by the wealth of acts that laid the groundwork for what we now commonly refer to as synthwave, this collection of EZkeys MIDI presents a broad array of musical ideas and tidbits for anyone looking to produce ’80s-inspired pop with distinct synth hooks. Expect all the catchy lead melodies, the pulsating basses and the timeless chord progressions you need to shape, mold and craft your own tracks with.

In music, the way to catch waves isn’t by idly waiting at the swells, it’s by making waves by yourself. Ready to head back in time to take your next songs into the future?

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