Valhalla Vintageverb Presets “Glory”

Valhalla Vintageverb Presets “Glory”

99 High-Quality, Original Valhalla VintageVerb Presets designed by Fiori.
Inside are all original Valhalla VintageVerb presets organized by style and application. This includes presets for ambient sounds, sound design, subtle or strong melodic effects, vocals, and even drums. You’ll be sure to find a few favorites right away. Perfect for sample makers and sound design!

When you use these presets, be sure to adjust the wet knob to your liking. After that, if you’re not sure exactly how a preset in this pack is affecting your source sound, just turn the wet knob to 100% and you will hear the unique characteristics of each preset. The presets are all set to recommended levels, but of course it depends on your source sound and context in the mix.

Some tips..
Feel free to experiment with the named folders since many of the presets inside are versatile beyond their intended usage.

•Inside the sound design folder are more extreme effects that should sound radically different depending on what you feed them. For example, try to put a percussive sound or a melodic one shot into any of those and you will immediately see how they can be different.
•The melodic folders are seperated based on more subtle presets (mostly just reverbs) and strong presets which can sometimes completely change the source sound into something lofi or different in tone.
•The ambient folder is perfect for turning a melody into a pad or lucious soundscape.
•And lastly, the drum folder is great for adding space and room to your drum breaks or single drum tracks. Try them on your drum bus in parallel for best results. Vintageverb is one of the best reverb vsts for a reason, and with these presets you will be set for a long time.

Upgrade your sound today.


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