VOX Catalyst Experimental Pop Vocals WAV

VOX Catalyst Experimental Pop Vocals WAV

Catalyst: Experimental Pop Vocals defines ‘alternative’ with its tantalisingly dark take on Pop. Drawing heavy production technique influences from the likes of Sevdaliza and FKA Twigs, Catalyst pushes musical boundaries while nailing all the familiar points of chart topping vocal tracks.

Expect to find chilling lyrics, ambient phrases, breathy and moody leads, twisted and chopped loops, gritty vocal synths and vocoders topped with textured one shots, FX, risers, Lofi hits, adlibs and FX. This pack also includes catchy lyrical lead hooks across 5 different keys and BPMs in both wet and dry processing for either ready to go vocals or full control of the mix.

The unsuspecting vocal processing from the formant modulation, to the metallic stutters, rhythmic panning and gritty distortion adds all the character your next track needs. If you’re looking to elevate your track in any way, these vocals can do everything from add depth and texture to holding its own upfront on any record.


  •  136 Loops
  •  73 One Shots


Demo Preview:

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