VOX Retro Pop & Synthwave Sounds WAV

VOX Retro Pop & Synthwave Sounds WAV

VOX Retro Pop & Synthwave Sounds WAV

Retro Pop and; Synthwave Sounds welcome you to 1984 with nostalgic Juno synths, anthemic guitar leads, plucked, muted, strummed, and harmonised chord progressions; alongside both clean and wet vocal hooks, vocoded loops, stacked harmony phrases, gang vocals and more.

Each guitar sample was performed on a Fender Stratocaster through a selection of rare, hand-picked guitar pedals including the multidimensional reverb Strymon ‘BlueSky’, an original 1980 Boss CE-2 chorus, the Klon KTR and Analogman ‘King Of Tone’ overdrives. Vocals were recorded through a Neumann TLM103 and delicately processed with decade-defining vocal synths, verb suite classics, and delays. Discover authentic sounding synths and synth-bass offering an array of clean, stereo, and chorus processing with just the right amount of vinyl wobble.

For this pack we worked closely with multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer-songwriter Josh Renton, best known for his musical collaboration with vocal legend, Bonnie Tyler; his extensive catalogue of original songs and years of experience as a touring musician around the UK and Europe. Josh’s strong Pop songwriting skills, tasteful guitar and synth melodies, clean vocals, and an ear for 80s-inspired production is evident in this bursting collection of all original sounds. With musical and sonic influences ranging from Bryan Adams and Tom Petty to The Midnight and The 1975, this pack delivers a retro feel with modern songwriting taste.

Download Retro Pop and; Synthwave Sounds for the kind of samples that will make your proverbial hair blow gloriously in an epic breeze and level up your production.

231 Samples

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