Waveform Recordings Classic House 2 WAV

Waveform Recordings Classic House 2 WAV

570MB of funky, tribal-infused drum workouts, deep music loops, slinky tops and organic percussion, crate-dug vox and FX beds rooted with classic house aesthetics and optimised for contemporary club systems.

Paying homage to the house originators and innovators of yesteryear, Waveform deliver a second volume of their chart-storming Classic House packed with intricate grooves, raw music loops, live percussion, glitched vox, stripped tops, hazy ambiences and a stunning one-shot selection bursting with kicks, hats, snares, claps, percussion, synth stabs and bass shots.

Using every ounce of their house music knowledge and experience the Waveform team have produced another authentic house odyssey of classic elements re-worked for the cutting-edge dancefloor.

What’s in the collection?

Beat Loops> 76 raw rhythm workouts at 125bpm with striped alternatives for total beat control.

Kick-Free Beat Loops > 30 kick-free groove-starters – add a kick and roll.

Bass Loops > 19 Funked lines, deep subs and driven analogue lines for instant floor-rocking power.

Funk & Music Loops > 27 loops of sparse stabs, classic chords and shadowy synth textures to inspire late-night tracks.

Glitch Vocal Loops > 16 cut-up, glitched and effected vox loops from yesteryear vocals lost in the sonic ether.

Drum Fills > 57 live lounge fills oozing warmth and texture. Drop straight in the mix or re-work for custom percussive fills.

Percussive Loops > 45 mixed percussive loops laced with tribal touches, disco touches and analogue hints. Some offered with variants.

Top Loops > from fully-formed kick-free workouts to stripped hat- only lines: 27 beat-builders for complex groove creation.

FX & Ambiences > tempo-synced vinyl crackles, static hisses, crowd noises and mechanical sounds, plus esoteric mixed musical and rural ambiences.

Single Hits > An vast array of beat making tools: 132 kicks, snares, hats, claps, percussion, key one-shots and bass hits for your wav- compatible sampler of choice.

All loops are offered as 24-bit Wavs and are tempo-synced at 125pm. Key information is provided in the filenames where applicable.


Demo Preview:

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