Wide Blue Sound Silencer v1.0.3 [WIN]

Wide Blue Sound Silencer v1.0.3 [WIN]

A fresh new take on an iconic category of sound, SILENCER is a first-of-its-kind plugin that supercharges the reverb plugins you already own.

It features Timegate, a Patent Pending process that completely resets the reverb signal on each note, silencing the undesirable reverb that sustains over multiple notes, accumulating frequencies that clutter the clarity + intelligibility of all instruments, vocals, and mixes as a whole.

It doesn’t stop there. We’ve developed several new FX that both enhance and clean up your reverb even more.

Simply put, Silencer is reverb where you want it. Not where you don’t.

You can also add your own VSTs to continue designing your personal reverb sounds, and then save the entire chain as a preset. With all of your best reverb sounds organized in one place, Silencer also acts as a Reverb Manager.

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