FeelYourSound Melodic Flow 2 [WIN & MacOS]

FeelYourSound Melodic Flow 2 [WIN & MacOS]

FeelYourSound Melodic Flow 2 [WIN & MacOS]

FeelYourSound has released version 2.0 of the MIDI performance and songwriting solution MelodicFlow. The software is available as a VST2, VST3, and MIDI-AU plug-in for Windows and macOS.

“For music producers, mastering every scale isn’t the goal; crafting perfect melodies is.

MelodicFlow can help you achieve just that. Use MelodicFlow to create and play stunning melodies, basslines, and riffs quickly. You will never sound off, as all your input is mapped to the right notes instantly.”

MelodicFlow generates new MIDI data (output) from other MIDI data (input). With a wide selection of over 300 scales to choose from, you can easily experiment with different scales and emotions to create unique melodies.

Changes in MelodicFlow v2.0

5 operation modes instead of one:

  • Scale Bender: Play any scale without hitting the wrong notes by accident. Pick a scale, then play on the keyboard as usual
  • White Keys Jam: Play any scale without having to remember the correct notes. Simply play on the white keys of your keyboard instead (middle C = root)
  • Mood Board: Switch between different moods (happy, sad,…) without having to think about it. Load some mood notes with the black keys, then play them on the white keys
  • Piano Player: Another mood mode. Alternate between two connected triggers to simulate a playing style
  • Advanced: This mode works the same way as the original MelodicFlow 1 plug-in
  • 8 independent pages to switch between different modes and settings. Use the lowest notes of your keyboard to change the currently active page
  • Built-in MIDI recorder with drag-and-drop support. Press play in your DAW and MelodicFlow will record your data automatically. Stop your DAW to stop the recording, then drag the melody to your DAW
  • UI scaling from 50% to 200%
  • Parameter automation
  • Formats: VST2, VST3, AU MIDI FX (only for Logic Pro)
  • VST versions: Built-in preview instruments

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