Groove3 bx_clipper Explained [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 bx_clipper Explained [TUTORIAL]

Clipping is bad, right? Nope, not always! In this bx_clipper video course, veteran Groove3 instructor Larry Holcombe provides plenty of evidence of this as he walks you through the sonic possibilities that lie within bx_clipper by Brainworx. You can use this multi-function plug-in for a variety of purposes, such as dynamic control, creative sound-shaping, adding saturation and grit, generating LOUD masters, and more. You’ll learn how to tweak each bx_clipper parameter and control confidently to get the desired results in your productions quickly. By the end of the course, you’ll see how bx_clipper could easily become a staple in your workflow. These bx_clipper videos are designed for new bx_clipper users.

Larry begins by discussing a bit of background on the practice of using clipping as a dynamics processor, followed by a quick tour of the interface to help you get your bearings. Then you’ll explore the channel controls, such as the left/right and mid/side modes, and learn how these can be employed to focus on different spatial elements of the track. Larry also covers the Ambience setting and talks about proper gain staging procedures, as well as the Ceiling and Knee controls, both of which provide ample opportunities for shaping sounds.

Next, Larry discusses the Over-Fold distortion feature, which can generate analog-style warmth, extra grit, rich saturation, and other possibilities depending on the setting. Additionally, you’ll learn how to interpret the metering display, which offers a visual depiction of the applied processing. To finish up the course, you’ll get to see and hear bx_clipper in action in several different scenarios, including adding distortion to a guitar, dynamically controlling drums and vocals, and transient control in front of a limiter to help reduce the limiter’s sonic artifacts.

If you’ve never experimented with clipping before, it’s time you did, and this bx_clipper course is the quickest way to become fully competent on this amazing sonic tool from Brainworx. By the time you’re finished, you’ll know exactly which knob to reach for to achieve the sound you want in your own productions. See the individual bx_clipper video tutorial descriptions for more information on everything this plug-in can do and how it can benefit your recordings in a number of ways. Get a hold of your sound and make it as loud as you want… Watch “bx_clipper Explained┬«” now!

What You Will Learn:

  • History of clipping as a dynamics processor and interface layout
  • How to apply processing to specific areas of your mix with the mid/side and left/right modes
  • Adding grit, warmth, and saturation to a mix or instrument with Over-Fold distortion
  • Interpreting the metering display for visual confirmation of processing
  • And more!

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