Groove3 Logic Pro Sound Design: Session Players & Studio Instruments [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 Logic Pro Sound Design: Session Players & Studio Instruments [TUTORIAL]

Logic Pro users, stop! Before you splurge for the latest VI plugin you’ve had your eye on, you need to watch this Logic Pro video course! Larry Holcombe, a Logic Pro expert, will show you lots of strategies and techniques for creating awesome, memorable sounds and samples using nothing but the Session Players and Studio Instruments already included with Logic Pro. From drums and bass to keys, horns, guitar, and more, this Logic course will teach you how to make the most of what you already have by getting creative and thinking outside the box a bit—skills that are applicable in countless musical situations. These videos are designed for new users of Logic Pro 11 or greater.

Larry welcomes you and kicks things off with a playthrough of what we’ll be creating in this course, so you’ll know what we’re aiming for from the beginning. (All the files used in this course are included via the Course Extras link on the product page when logged in, so you can follow along every step of the way in your own project.) Larry starts by using Keyboard Player to create soulful chords, layering both upright and electric piano. Following this, you’ll see how to fill things out by adding bass (with Session Bass Player), organ (repurposing our first piano part), and drums.

Next up, Larry shows how to flesh things out a bit more by incorporating some Apple Loops with guitar and flute. These little touches can really help bring an arrangement to life. Larry then adds the final touches to the arrangement, including some user-performed piano parts from Studio Piano and some glockenspiel, horns, and strings. Then you’ll see how to simulate a retro sound by adding some vintage-sounding master effects, such as bit-crushing and tape effects.

Finally, Larry demonstrates how to chop up the sample we created and use the parts to build a hip-hop beat with an Apple Loop from The Kount.

You don’t have to stray from Logic Pro’s included plugs and instruments to get killer sounds that turn heads. This Logic Pro sound design course shows you why! You can apply the techniques and concepts you learn in this Logic course to virtually any genre where sounds are paramount, whether you’re working on your next hip-hop beat or indie track. Check out the individual Logic Pro Sound Design video tutorial descriptions for more information on how you can use these ideas in your own productions. Learn to use what you have in a whole new way… Watch “Logic Pro Sound Design: Session Players and Studio Instruments” today!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to create a colorful harmonic bed for your track using the Keyboard Player instrument
  • Adding bass with Session Bass Player and repurposing the keyboard part for organ
  • Finding appropriate contributions from Apple Loops to add a bit of ear candy to the track
  • Using effects like bit-crushing and tape effects to make the track sound vintage and retro
  • And more!

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