Teaching Beginning Piano TUTORIAL

Teaching Beginning Piano TUTORIAL

Teaching Beginning Piano TUTORIAL

If you’ve ever tried to teach a beginner the piano, you know it’s hard just keeping them going long enough to make progress. How do you bridge the gap between them not knowing anything, and them knowing enough to have fun? Teaching Beginning Piano covers everything you need to know to teach reading, scales and even improvisation to students from 4 to 94 so that they’ll feel good about themselves, make progress, and keep coming back!

How do you get students to practice? How do you keep them honest about how much they’ve practiced? How do you get the parents on your side so that they’ll support your efforts and encourage their child to practice?

This course covers the goals of piano education, and the means to reach those goals. Most importantly, the solutions it outlines work for children AND adult students. It focuses on the following:

– Enjoyment of playing and practicing
– Observing improvement
– Knowing what to teach and when

In addition, this course covers strategies on how to teach students to read music from the very beginning. Learning to read music can be done in a way that minimizes stress and maximizes effectiveness. Students can read, instead of pretending to read, and they can get good at it early while still learning to be musical, happy and healthy musicians.

Do you teach scales? Teaching Beginning Piano explains why teaching scales is important, and it offers a number of strategies for introducing and supporting students as they learn this invaluable skill.

Would you like to teach your students to improvise? Teaching Beginning Piano uses a blues-based methodology to introduce simple and effective improvisation to students. They’ll sound good, and be able to perform what they know, almost from the beginning!

If you’re a piano teacher, you’re going to want to take Teaching Beginning Piano. It make your life easier and your students’ learning more fun and effective. It will also enable you to keep more of your students so your turnover rate is smaller.

Ready? Let’s go!

What you’ll learn

  • What do I as a piano teacher need to know when working with beginners?
  • How can I get my students to practice?
  • How do I work with different kinds of students?
  • Can I teach my students more than just how to play from a book?


  • This course is best for piano teachers with a little experience or education in pedagogy, as well as teachers on other instruments. It can be taken by anyone who knows how to play the piano.

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