Groove3 EZdrummer 3 Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 EZdrummer 3 Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 EZdrummer 3 Explained TUTORIAL

Toontrack has released EZdrummer 3, which continues the tradition established with previous releases by adding even more features to help turn those fledgling ideas into full-fledged song tracks quickly. If you’re ready to make the leap and take advantage of all EZdrummer 3 has to offer, then you’re in the right place! Eli Krantzberg has created a video tutorial series to show you everything you need to know about creating killer drum tracks with this stellar plugin. From building custom kits and saving presets to creating sophisticated grooves from scratch and tweaking to perfection, it’s all here! These videos are for new EZdrummer 3 users.

Beginning with a quick tour of the interface to get you acclimated, Eli sets off exploring the new edition by examining the Drums tab, which can be thought of as “home base” and allows you to choose a drum kit, save/load/modify presets, change drum tuning, and more. Then take a look at the Grooves tab, which contains functions to control and influence the playback of MIDI grooves. Eli then demonstrates how to effectively make use of the search filters to quickly locate what you need.

Next up is the Tap 2 Find feature, which is an intuitive way to quickly searching the EZdrummer MIDI library. Used in conjunction with the folder browser and search filters, Tap 2 Find can help eliminate much of the guesswork involved in searching for the right pattern.

Many other topics follow, including adding user MIDI content (third-party MIDI grooves and more), refining your search, working with Grid Editor (creating nuances and humanizing touches in your grooves), MIDI CC automation, Mixer (routing individual drums/mics to discreet outputs), Bandmate (analysis feature for generating appropriate drum parts based on transient detection), Song Track (a tool for quickly arranging a full song), and more!

There are lots of new features to help increase productivity and creativity in EZdrummer 3, and Eli will make sure you’re up to speed on all of them with this course. Check out the descriptions below to get a better idea of the contents for each video. If you’ve struggled with creating compelling drum tracks in the past, you’ll have no excuses after watching “EZdrummer 3 Explained®!”

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